Handles and Kits


Thermic Lance Handle

A Thermic Lance Handle is necessary for the safe operation of a Thermic Lance. This Handle can be adapted to suit 12mm, 16mm & 19mm Thermic Lances. It has a built-in Flash/Slag Arrestor, which does not restrict the volume of Oxygen that is required to operate the Thermic Lance. The new design Handle now has a heavier Locking Nut to allow extra Hand-Tighten pressure on securing & sealing the Lance into position. Also, spanner grooves has been machined in, if the operator is fatigued and does not have to rely on Hand-Tightening alone.

  • This Handle should only be used with minimum 10mm I.D. Oxygen Hose with standard 5/8" UNF Fittings
  • Recommended Operating Pressure : 420kpa (60psi)    Do Not Exceed 600kpa (85psi)
  • If extra Oxygen Flash-Back Arrestors are used, please ensure they are High-Volume Arrestors, as the Thermic Lance requires sufficient volume to operate efficiently.

Mini Thermic Lance Kits

  • New design Mini Thermic Lance Handle
  • Handle to suit 6mm (1/4") and 10mm (3/8") Lances
  • Lance Spatter Shield
  • Oxygen hose (5m)
  • Spare locking rubbers
  • Y-Piece attachment
  • Lance Igniter Tube & Wick
  • Fume mask
  • Thermic Lance Gloves
  • Information and instruction sheets included