L.I.T. Process

A safer method of igniting Thermic Lances, which eliminates the use of any fuel gases (eg. Acetylene, LPG) in the area.

  • Lance Igniter Tube
    Part Number: IT400
  • Lance Wick
    Part Number: LW1000

One Lance Igniter Tube can ignite up to 35 Thermic Lances and 50 Mini Thermic Lances.



How Does L.I.T Work?

  1. You ignite the Lance Wick with a match. The Wick then smoulders very slowly.

  2. You place the Lance over the face of the Igniter Tube and your assistant places the smouldering Wick in the same position.

  3. You apply oxygen at low pressure. The Wick flares into flame and lights the Igniter Tube.

  4. You remove the Wick and place the Lance 30mm inside the centre of the Igniter Tube.

  5. Your assistant can slowly increase oxygen pressure at the Regulator, which causes a fierce flame to heat up end of Lance. This ignites the Lance, as shown in the picture.


Other Accessories & Safety Apparel

ATLC keep a range of Accessories and Quality Safety Apparel in stock at all times.

  • Aluminium Lined Leather Lance Jacket
  • Aluminium Lined Full Leather Lance Trousers
  • Leather Apron
  • Proban Fire Resistant Hood
  • Lance Face Shield - Shade 5
  • Aluminium Lined Leather Lance Gloves
  • Leather Spats for Boots
  • P2 Rated Fume Mask